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Dear musicians,


Carovana091 is a small organisation run by a small group of volunteers.
We organise 12 concerts a year. We try to present different approaches of improvised and experimental music to our audience. It is important to us, to invite musicians from the different language regions of Switzerland and also promote international projects by Swiss musicians.


Due to our limited resources, we usually organize duos, trios. We cannot afford larger formations at the moment. We have a lot of requests. We listen to everything and get in touch if we are interested.


The concerts take place at Spazio Elle, Locarno, not far from the railway station. The audiences are between 20 and a maximum of 40 people. We do not have a sound engineer at our disposal and our technical equipment is limited. Please notice that we can not offer a piano at the moment.

The booking for 2024 is closed

If you are interested in playing at FREQUENZE LIBERE in 2025 you can send us your material from July to September 25.


Danke fürs Einreichen!

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